To inspire athletes in discovering their life’s mission beyond their athletic careers


Recognizing that you need an education is paramount. You cannot play sports forever, so you need something tangible to fall back on. The choices that you make before “The Show” is over will impact your life forever.


• Beyond the Goal Post will help individuals develop a high self-regard by recognizing their talents, attributes, and interests

• Teach individuals to turn self-deprecating thoughts to positive patterns of thinking

• Assist individuals to examine themselves, understand where their weaknesses lie, and support positive change


The journey to a positive and successful future represents the heart of Beyond the Goal Post. We believe that individuals who are not surrounded by those who provide positive feedback and support often “fall through the cracks” and lack the self-esteem, personal development, and interpersonal skills needed to be a productive member of society today. Our program not only offers services that assist athletes in preparing for a future outside of sports but teaches them the importance of developing skills needed for a successful life. The achievement of specific goals is the structural foundation upon which our program solidly rests. We believe that success is about achieving happiness in doing what individuals love, desire, and are passionate about. Success is there for those who want it, prepare for it, and take the proper steps to attain it


Beyond the Goal Post was established by Dr. Joseph Parham who grew up in the inner city of Muskegon Heights, Michigan. Growing up among individuals who were plagued by drugs, alcohol, gang violence, and poverty propelled Dr. Parham to reach for something better in life. He instead focused his time and energy on academics and athletics. Through his hard work and dedication, Dr. Parham received a football scholarship to Arizona State University in 1962, leaving behind a world of limitation to pursue an education. He went on to earn his Doctor of Philosophy, becoming the first ASU black athlete to receive such an accolade. Dr. Parham’s dissertation topic was the “Relationship Between Academic Achievement, Attrition, and Attitudes of Black Athletes at Arizona State University.”